During my clients’ intuitive consultations, I spend considerable time on insights that require deep thought and focus. It’s mental (a bit physical too, at times) work and I love what I do. However, I rediscovered recently that I have to maintain balance; try to understand what’s not crystal clear, as well as pay attention to what’s obvious.

While I enjoy spending time in Los Angeles, parking in that town can be a challenge. Especially, when it involves reading and comprehending all of the restrictions, permits, limits, curfews, dates, times that all are emblazed on street signs. Last Saturday before noon, I thought all was copacetic when I parked in the Silver Lake neighborhood, as I’d reviewed (twice) the marker which indicated curb parking was okay between the hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Surprised, a ticket on the car’s windshield was waiting for me upon my return. Naturally, I was disgruntled, as I’d studied the sign to make sure there was no violation. Perhaps, I studied too hard; I’d failed to see listed beneath the available hours was “Mon-Fri.” Weekends were another story.

Acknowledging and working with what’s obvious should be easy exercise. One smart move would be to avoid overthinking a situation to a frazzle, when the appropriate answer or action is at our fingertips early on. Awareness of the obvious can often save time, disappointment and grief.

It can also save money, as my $68 parking ticket will attest to.

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8 thoughts on “Duh!

  1. Mike

    I realize this isn’t the point of this week’s blog at all, but I fell victim to the same sign (and the same $68 bill) a few weekends ago. I’m sure the initialy confusing (and sheer volume of) signs generate a lot of income for the city.

    I am curious, though … in what ways is your work “a bit physical at times”?

    Above distractions aside, good advice!

  2. Gene Brosius

    I can relate about parking in LA via NYC. After 5 years later, I still do not understand what the sign means “No Standing!” Why cant it read “No Parking.”!!


    1. Tony Post author

      Boy, if “No Standing” had been on my sign, I’d really been confused. Someone else told me about how complex the NYC signs are as well : )

  3. Pamela Driskell Chavez

    This blog reminded me of a time when my daughter was the Queen of parking tickets at the University of Alabama. At first these tickets were $10.00 which I didn’t mind so much as long as she was getting to class on time. Then they went up to $25.00 and since she was the Queen of tickets there I finally said enough tickets…..lol….”No Standing” would confuse me too!

  4. KaZ Sat Siri Akers

    Beverly Hills is an altogether another challenge. 4 signs on one post that contradict themselves. So I just go to the Beverly Center and have my parking ticket validated. OR I just stay away from LA! KaZ

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