Intimate Intelligence

Intimacy. It’s on the wish list of many people. Even psychics, like yours truly, long for intimacy. I just wasn’t expecting it to arrive in the manner in which it did last night!

Shortly after midnight, I was relaxed, not asleep, on my side in bed. Often, I receive intuitive insights during moments such as these. Last evening, proved to be the case, when I began to see, in perfect clarity, pages of military personnel orders! One after the other, documents with people’s names and ranks were being validated with signatures. Before, I could focus any further on the visions, a spiritual entity interrupted.

In my meditative state, I felt a force nudging and mentally telling me to rollover onto my back, which I slowly did. Immediately, a male spiritual presence wrapped itself over me like a cocoon. Amazed and not afraid, I sensed I was safe.

Then, I felt my soul vacate my physical body and begin to have, what I can only describe as, the most intimate experience ever. Bathed in love and joy, I was certainly aroused, but it wasn’t of an explicit nature. I’d been shown what intimacy with another was like in its purest form. It was euphoric.

When I returned to my physical being, my spiritual high was still strong. Knowing now what true intimacy feels like, I welcome the day it re-enters my life again.

Next time, I just hope it uses the front door!

Love and light,


4 thoughts on “Intimate Intelligence

  1. Hunter Fox

    I love this. I have always wondered what it would be like to have a angel or a ghostly admirer like in that movie with meg ryan and Nicholas cage

    1. Tony Post author

      Hey Hunter! Thanks so much for your comment. We all have spiritual guides and/or angels watching over us. And, yes, there is probably a dose of admiration for their physical world counterparts. Hugs 🙂

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