Dream House

Reading the local newspaper in 1977 for a ninth grade project, I was distracted by The Home of the Week, a feature spotlighting architectural design. Happily, I clipped the adjoining order form to send away for its blueprint (for a whopping $1.25!). Placing my school assignment aside, I studied my dream house, an inviting cottage in which I could see myself living.

Little did I know, as a teenager, I was conducting visualization, a technique I often share with my psychic medium consultation clients. Essentially, visualization is “seeing” yourself in the scenario in which you wish to be a participant. But, don’t stop there; be willing to take appropriate next steps to advance the desire further along.

For example, I could’ve only admired The Home of the Week, perhaps saying to myself, “That house is so me! I want to live in a place like that!” Instead, I took action. Albeit, it simply involved a pair of scissors and a stamp. However, within a few weeks, the blueprint for the charming cottage arrived in my rural Alabama mailbox. The dream was now on its way.

Now, don’t be disappointed if the wish isn’t manifested right away. The Universe works with you to align all the necessary components in order to deliver the goods. It may take some time!

And, yes, visualization worked for me. While a resident of Atlanta for 20 years, all three of the homes in which I lived had variations of that 1977 blueprint: fireplace, stonework, balcony, open floor plan, shingle siding, etc. Of course, it wasn’t just the architectural elements that made each of those abodes special; the positive vibes and energy (and martinis) that circulated through the rooms completed the picture.

Funny, I just realized something: my dream house all started with ninth grade homework!

Love and light,


This is the house blueprint for which I sent off back in 1977.

This is the house blueprint for which I sent off back in 1977.


16 thoughts on “Dream House

  1. JC

    That’s pretty amazing that you kept the blueprint after all these years. That “modest cottage” would be worth a fortune if it were in the right neighborhood today. It reminds me of Ricky and Lucy’s house when they moved to Connecticut.

  2. Chris Allen

    Love this story! I just realized that on the vision board I did with Debbie Mangus (one of our psychic friends and mentors) several years ago , I had a picture of a beach house clipped and glued to the board. Your story made me realize that I visualized my dream and it is coming true….my partner and I are building a cottage style home in a beach community with some dear friends at this very moment! The law of attraction and visualization can bring the things you want!

    Thanks Tony for a wonderful reminder of how my sweet mentor has helped see and realize my dream!

  3. Mary Rhoads

    Very charming. I often dreamed about my favorite home with my favorite guy at the time. The home never changed but the guy did through the years until I married and lived in many homes. And my dream house too was a cottage! Love your blogs and you too.

  4. Chris Hungerford

    Love it! I never knew this about you! I too had a passion with the “house of the week”. However I didn’t send away from the plans, but clipped the floor plan and rendering and pasted it in a note book. With my handy red felt pen, I would make notes for changes or highlight the aspects of the plans I really liked. Wish I would have held on to that book. xo

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