The Birds And The Bees

First, it’s not what you think…

A recent hiking trek was all abuzz when a bumblebee began flying around me, like a spaceship orbiting a planet. I kept walking; it kept circling! When I stepped up my pace, the insect stayed on course too.

“What’s with you bee?” I asked aloud on the rocky trail. “Get yourself a flower; go do bee stuff,” I instructed. Nonetheless, it continued to hover in my midst.

Not until after I broke into a gallop and the little buzzer still stayed with me, my psychic medium radar ultimately clicked on! I sensed a spirit was reaching out through this bumblebee! “Ok! Who are you?” I enquired. After my revelation, the winged wonder flew away; it did what it was supposed to do: get my attention!

Moments later, I situated myself atop a boulder and meditated. During the quiet calmness in the coastal mountains, I connected with the spiritual source who was attempting to make contact. After receiving the messages, I repeated, “I am grateful. I am grateful. I am grateful.”

Two days passed and I was fortunate to attend a presentation in Santa Barbara by noted medium Suzanne Giesemann, a former Navy Commander who was led to pursue a spiritual career. After countless readings, seminars and nearly a dozen authored books later, she has gained a tremendous following. During the Q & A portion of her talk, an audience member asked, “Do animals have souls?”

Suzanne answered, “yes,” and even gave an example of how a client’s transitioned pet had come through during a reading (this has happened to me also). She elaborated further that our deceased loved ones and spiritual guides can even enlist a bird, or say, a dragonfly, to zoom around us to get our attention! Spirit doesn’t take the form of the creature, she explained; instead, spirit collaborates with its flying partner! Sitting in my chair, I realized that I’d received a special validation of my own hiking experience!

When it comes to spiritual connections, just know that, as Cole Porter would croon, “birds do it; bees do it!”

Love and light,


Spiritual messages can happen at anytime, even on hikes!

2 thoughts on “The Birds And The Bees

  1. Gordy Dyker

    I love this post, Tony! I have so many encounters with insects and animals; I know they’re not simply coincidence. Many connections made with bumble bees, dragonflies (my favorite insect and personal symbol!), anoles, and all kinds of birds. It used to freak me out how I’d be ‘followed,’ but I’m most receptive these past few years and greet them by saying, “Hey little guy (or girl). How you doin’?” 😊

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