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“Why am I having dreams for the past two weeks about my brother who passed away over a year ago?” a client asked during a psychic intuitive consultation over the phone recently. “Each night, they seem more real. Like, I’m almost with him.”

While no dreamweaver, I’ve read several books by experts that have expanded my understanding of spiritual energy and the higher levels of vibrations that exist far beyond our immediate range. And, I’ve had my own share of slumber experiences that crossover into current state, meaning that in addition to the soul and sub-consciousness, my physical body has been affected as well. I’ve been known to wake up laughing (slightly embarrased at the notion) or crying (tears nearly cementing my eyes shut).

In the case of the client, I believe that the spirit of the deceased loved one is eager to reconnect – soul to soul. And, this can be accomplished on a much higher vibrational energy plane, to include dreams. While we’re awake, spiritual energy attracts attention in other ways – interferring with electricity, moving household items – hoping we’ll notice (this happens to me quite frequently). While on Earth, souls establish bonds. And, those bonds continue even after the physical body is laid to rest. Personally, dreams have linked me with deceased relatives and pets, moments that I can only describe as emotionally draining, yet absolutely beautiful.

In the past month, however, my dreams have entered another dimension. And, even I’m a little surprised at the revelation. Prior to dozing off, I’ve received visions – only to have those images materialize in colorful and active dreams later that night while asleep. Sort of like a preview of coming attractions! For example, two nights ago, just as I crawled under the sheets, I saw what resembled a Christmas parade, complete with a large sleigh outlined in twinkling lights carrying Santa. I jotted the description in my bedside journal before surrendering to my pillow. That evening, I had a dream that I was portraying St. Nick in a yuletide parade. An experience so vivid, that I could almost feel the red velvet and white plush outfit that I was wearing.

My advice regarding dreams is to keep notes, but don’t try to over analyze what transpired. Stick with what you initially think the experiences mean. And, don’t be alarmed if you’re just not sure yet. In time, the message will come though.

As for me, I guess I should practice yelling, “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

Love and light,






4 thoughts on “Dream On

  1. kurt @ design furnace

    i used to keep a bedside journal and jot down my dreams. i’ve not done that in a while. i think i will have to start doing that again.

  2. Jeff C.

    From time to time, I have dreams where my deceased parents are alive. The dreams sometimes seem very real, so when I wake up and realize my folks are still gone, I briefly have to grieve their loss again. I don’t like that part.

    1. Tony Post author

      Grieving is very much human and so it makes sense that you might have that feeling after returning from a soul-to-soul experience. When I’ve reconnected with love ones in dreams and meditation, it’s like a spiritual high. I savor the moment. However, there have been times when I’m aware that I’m dreaming and even mention that to the loved one that I’m connecting with. Still, it doesn’t diminish the moment.

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