My late grandmother was a keen solver of crosswords. Nightly, she’d sit in her favorite recliner and tackle the puzzle, block by block, in the hometown newspaper. “I’ve learned a lot from doing these,” I recall her telling me once when I was a teenager. She was right, as I discovered, when I began doing crosswords while aboard a cross-country flight back in the ’90s. Not only did the activity help pass the time, it offered up knowledge tidbits.

Fast forward to my current role as a psychic medium: the mechanics of crosswords come into play frequently. Let me explain. Crosswords, as some of you may know, offer clues to answers that may include the literal, a play on words, abbreviations or even a foreign language spelling. One has to understand the slight nuances in the clues to determine the correct solution. Crosswords are part of my leisure, but here’s their work angle.

During my meditation prior to a psychic consultation and while a client’s session takes place, I receive images and symbols in my “mind’s eye” that are relative to what is being discussed. Sometimes, the visions are relatively simple (a hammock means “relax,” a seesaw means “decision,” etc.), but they can also be more complex. For example, if I “see” a particular vision, such as a person playing basketball, it could have a literal meaning, like “shooting hoops.” Or, it could be a metaphor for “get in the game.” My job – greatly aided by the spiritual energy supporting me – is to interpret and communicate their possible meanings. And, yes, there are times when I receive words and phrases in a language other than English!

One never knows how certain skills will assist in a career. For me, I’m grateful that I took the time to find answers for “34 across,” “26 down” and the other blocks. It helped me crack the code.

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