Stage Coach

During my 27 years in Corporate America, I was involved in every aspect of producing major sales, marketing and operations conferences for Fortune 500 firms. And, I mean every aspect!

Memories like when my boss and I worked ’round-the-clock developing graphics for executive presenters (we finally took turns taking a brief nap wrapped up in backstage drapes) to executing plan B after a catering truck flipped (no injuries) sending shrimp, prime rib and crudite´ scattered on the 405 freeway (calls were placed to every restaurant in a three-mile area asking them to rush over whatever they had prepared). Other duties were less manic, like writing speeches for one of the most respected CEOs whom I’d ever met to introducing trailblazer Sherry Lansing, a recipient of The Oscars’ prestigious Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and the first female to helm a major film studio.

Whatever the task, it was all about creating a total product, one in which the audience could relate to what was taking place on the stage.

I see life as a stage, with at least three acts: establishing, applying and sharing our capabilities to learn, grow and love. In my current career as a psychic medium, I provide intuitive guidance to clients who are exploring what’s possible in their life stages. Working with the insights, we then discuss potential action items that will advance the aspirations. Clients always have freewill and ultimately make choices that feel right for their scenarios.

The curtain may have come down on my days (and nights) of producing business meetings, but it’s risen again with my job as a psychic medium.

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Introducing film industry trailblazer Sherry Lansing at the last corporate conference I produced.

Introducing film industry trailblazer Sherry Lansing at the last corporate conference I produced in Los Angeles.

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    1. Tony Post author

      Oh, yes! Producing conferences was one aspect of running a corporate communications department. Learned a great deal and had a blast too.

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