The Nose Knows

The aroma of warm empanadas tingled my nose last evening. However, there were no Spanish pastries around; I received a medium message from a client’s loved one and the spirit communicated with me via the sense of smell. In my profession, when this occurs, it’s known as clairalience.

In the past, spicy pasta sauce, fried chicken and grilled fish have come through during clients’ psychic medium consultations. All “entrees” also arrived with messages from spiritual entities. Last night’s empanadas came through in such force that my mouth started watering. And, what followed were specific messages for me to relay to the person for whom they were intended.

Before you think I work in a smorgasbord, know that clairalience isn’t limited to food. Flowers, cologne, evergreens and other distinctive aromatic sensations have made cameo appearances in my sessions as well. Furthermore, I’ve had clients report that they’ve experienced similar scenarios, such as getting a whiff of smoke identical to that of their late father’s tobacco pipe. Or, a late pet’s distinctive odor. Many old, historic buildings are also filled with smells that are connected to spiritual energies. It’s fascinating how my nasal sense picks up on them when I’m in various locations.

This morning, burnt bacon greeted me in the kitchen. However, it was not clairalience; I left the plate in the microwave too long.

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