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Carrie Fisher? How did she write the screenplay for the film, Postcards From the Edge?

These random thoughts came to me while walking home from the gym around 7:45 a.m. on Dec. 23. I soon discovered, however, they weren’t random. Later that day, reports of the actress/writer’s heart attack and hospitalization began to circulate. On Dec. 27, she passed away, followed by the death of her mom, Hollywood legend and Vegas headliner Debbie Reynolds, on Dec. 28. Mother and daughter made their respective transitions only a day apart from each other.

Now, I understood why I picked up specific psychic insights on Dec. 23 about Postcards, and not, perhaps, Carrie’s most famous role as Princess Leia from the film phenomenon, Star Wars. It’s widely known that Postcards was loosely based on Carrie’s relationship with her mother. Released in 1990, the film, starring Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine, showed the hilarity and heartache of a show business family’s generation gap.

In real life, Carrie and Debbie had a profound relationship, which will be featured in an upcoming HBO documentary, Bright Lights. Spiritually, their souls connected. And, that bond was quickly rekindled, when both were reunited on the other side.

This scenario isn’t just a Hollywood lore type tale. Stories of longtime friends or spouses passing away within days or hours of each other occur more frequently than we might expect. Souls have great power and influence, not only in the physical world, but on the spiritual plane, as well.

Postcards show us where we’ve been, but they can also enlighten us as to where we’ll go.

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Carrie Fisher wrote the screenplay for the film, Postcards From the Edge, which was based somewhat on her relationship with her mother, Debbie Reynolds.

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  1. Beth

    Very true. I don’t think we could even comprehend the power we have in our souls & the power of spirituality. Thanks Tony! Love you, V V

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